TIPs for Grab-its placement

See list below for possible places to advertise your product or event.  Many stores do not have Community Bulletin Boards.

Chain stores probably see Community Bulletin Boards as competition for their products. 

Boards are most likely to be found in independent stores. 

Wherever Bulletin Boards are found, you should consult Customer Service for permission to post and policy regarding use.

Most Likely Less Likely

Apartment complex offices - Some
Auto Repair Shop - Most (Independent more likely)
Auto Parts Store - Most (Independent more likely)
Beauty shops – Some
Bus Stations - Some
Churches – Yes
Cleaners – Yes (Independent more likely)
Colleges - Yes
Copy Pack & Mail – Yes (business cards only)
Food Lion grocery – Yes
Gyms/Health Clubs – Some
Hardware stores  - (Independent more likely)
Hospitals - (Waiting Rooms - Trauma center etc..)
Kroger grocery – Yes
Laundromats – Yes
Office complex - Some
Repair Shops - (Independent more likely)
Schools - Some
Starbucks – Yes
Targets – Yes, for events only (not profit)
Universities - Yes
UPS Stores – Yes

Banks – No
Best Buy – No
Big Lots – No
Community Centers – No (not in our town)
CVS pharmacy – No
Dollar Stores – No
Gilligan's island – No
Game Stop – No
Home Depot – No
Kangaroo – No
K-Mart – No
Kwik Sak convenience stores – No
Lowe’s – No
Mapcos – No
Petco – No
Petsmart – No
Publix grocery – No
Restaurants – No
Staples Office Supplies – No
Walgreens pharmacy – No
WalMarts – No

How to hang your Grab-its. Here are three most common ways to hang a pull tab flyer.

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